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What's In the Box?

26th April 2013

Today I took delivery from my new friends at Roland UK.
Click on pic to find out what arrived!


Back Together Again...

13th May 2013

Somewhat of a reunion...

Anyone familiar with this season of 'The Voice' will have seen a young lady from Belfast called

Leah McFall.

We met in early last year along with Matt Bramhall and Johnny Colgan and Johnny Martin. We did a string of gigs across London including Ronnie Scotts, the Half Moon and the Bedford.

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Expecting the Unexpected

28th May 2013


Welcome to my first blog! 

I had a think about what to say, I didn't just want to talk about what I had for breakfast. 

So my first topic is about expecting the unexpected. My example happend on Thursday....

© Wayne Matthews Music

11th October 2013

Part 2 of my series on the Coventry Music Scene. Also highlighting the disgraceful 'Reality Series' about to blight the airwaves also named 'Sent To Coventry'

Sent To Coventry Part II

Wayne Matthews, Bass

© Wayne Matthews Music

© Wayne Matthews Music

How much are you willing to pay, how far are you willing to travel 

to chase yor dreams and fulfill your potential?



12th November 2013

How Much?

Wayne Matthews, Bass
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