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How much?  

November 15th 2013

What price are you willing to pay to achieve your goals?

Plus meeting heroes present and reminiscing on heroes past.

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Wayne Matthews, bass.

Archive II

© #LEK Photography

With great pleasure I can announce that I will be performing at this year's London Bass Show March 1-2nd in association with Anaconda Basses! 


I'll be playing from 3pm on Saturday. Come and say hi and ask me about these fantastic basses! 

London Bass Show 2014

February 20th 2014

Wayne Matthews, bass.

This year's London Bass Show was the undoubtably the best so far. On a personal note, being asked to play for Anacanda Basses was an honour and privelege that will last long in the memory! 


Click below for highlights and gallery of the event. 

London Bass Show 2014

March 11th

Wayne Matthews, bass.

There are times when a musical collaboration not only meets a need, but exceeds it. This event was  one of them.

Charlie Wrights w Mario Bakuna & The Big Chief Jazz Band

April 28th

Wayne Matthews, bass.

© Wayne Matthews Music

Following our hugely successful gig at the Warwick Arts Centre with Interplay, an avid jazz reviewer was at hand with his account of the night 

Sonrisa/Interplay Review

July 1st

"Sonrisa Music" "Warwick Arts" "World Music" "Latin music" "Salsa" "Bossa Nova" "D'Addarrio UK"



Introducing what?


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27th June 

Wayne Matthews, bass.


I had a great opportunity to see the Swansea Jazz Festival

It also gave me a chance to sit and listen to Bassist supremo Laurence Cottle in a workshop setting for FREE! 


Whilst i love playing, I equally enjoy going to see gigs.

They fuel the fire of striving the best I can be. Especially seeing guys like Laurence Cottle in action! 



Swansea International Jazz Festival

June 24th

Wayne Matthews, bass.

Having had an amazing time with the Anaconda Basses Endorsees and a nice few gigs (More on that another time) it's back to blogs! What drives you? 

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December 3rd 2014


Just wanted to wish all the followers of Wayne Matthews Music a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas and a Joyous New Year! 


On behalf of myself and all the staff! :)  


December 25th



I had the pleasure of performing at the 'Wendover Celebrates' Bi-Annual Festival with the Platinum Rogues


More pictures and footage inside! 



Wendover Festival 2014

May 27th

Wayne Matthews, bass.

June 4th

Sheila Waterfield Quintet

It was a great pleasure to perform with Sheila and the rest of the Quartet at the Kenilworth Rugby Club. 


A packed appreciative crowd in a warm cosy room. There is some video footage lurking around. I'll put some up when I get hold of it. 


More pictures inside!

Wayne Matthews, bass.
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