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Hi, welcome to my website.


Thanks for dropping by, I hope you'll find something you like.

Here's a little bit about me -

My music education began in the Church, where I began to play the bass and had the best ear training there is! Before that life changing day, I had a classical upbringing on the recorder and viola. I also became involved with a city wide schools choir ran by the Coventry Centre for Performing Arts, it was here I worked my way up to the Coventry Youth Orchestra led by Brian Chappell. I owe this organisation and this man a great debt of gratitude as this was where I literally grew up and had the opportunity to travel the world to places such as Poland, Czech Republic, Germany and the USA.

As a professional musician I have also been blessed to play in Japan, Dubai, Southern France and Spain. 

I studied at the Leeds College of Music specialising in Viola performance for a classical music degree. I also   played the electric and upright basses in various jazz bands/ensembles with electric bass tuition from Robin Mullarkey. Not only is Robin a fantastic bassist, he just happens to be one of the sharpest musicians I've met anywhere. 

These key factors amongst others including very supportive parents and some God given natural ability have forged the musician I am today and my vision for a bass with the tone of an acoustic bass and the playability of an electric. 

Artists played for to date:

The Risk, Delilah, Catherine Taylor Dawson, Andy Derrick, Soweto Kinch, Sonrisa (Formerly known as Lament), Lizzy Parks, Roger Wright, Harleighblu Low, Funk'n'Soul, Leah McFall, The Playford Liberation Front, Julie Dexter, Kaidi Tatham, Richard Spaven, Ian Shaw, Gwilym Simcock, Musa Okwonga, Yazz Ahmed, Michael Fletcher, Chima Anya, Mark Armstrong, Benet Mclean, Shanade, Tim Bowes Trio, LSK, Mellow Baku, Carol Leeming, Zara Kershaw, Aurora Young, Shiloh Clarke, Aitch Bainbridge (Selecter), Ruder Than U, Toy, Sandra Godley, Emily Wilson, David Austin Grey, Neal Astbury, Tongue and Groove Big Band, Funk n Soul, The Brothers of Soul, David Lloyd Henry, Ian Hill, John Dyson, The Phat Cats, Detroit Soul, Brian Henry,  Sheila Waterfield, Safanah, Leere, Timesquared, One Nation, Lucy Anne Sale, Annie Lovell, Modou N'diaye, 91db, Crossroads Collective, Kidum, Bobby Kemp, Tongue'n'Groove Big Band, The Phat Cats, Jamson's Nook, Greg Darling (Julian Lennon Band), Dave Freeman, Si Hayden,  Platinum Rogues,  Mike Flynn, Reed Bass, Colin Peters, Soulful Gospel Choir, Voices In Praise, Andy Davies, Verity Pabla, Fran Egan, Mike Sole, Ray Butcher, Edgar Macais, Mario Bakuna, Rae, iAmRuby, Rai King, Sharlene Hector, Heidi Vogel, Jay Phelps, Mike Sole, Rob Charles, Joel Frahm, Alex Garnett, Robert Mitchell, Reuben James, Miles Levin, Shay Forbes, Nathaniel Facey, Ivo Neame, Jason Palmer, Andy Davies, Dennis Rollins, 3-Way Split, Ruder Than U, Neon Villages, Neal Davies, Lynval Golding, Janek Gwizdala plus a few more.​​​​​

Wordle by Wayne Matthews Music

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