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I am extremely happy to be using Genz Benz Amps and Bergantino cabs.

This combination works for me, which is why I use it.

No gimmicks, no 'they're the best in the world' it just works for me. With my acoustic for small to medium gigs I use a Genz Benz Shuttle 3.0 Amp and an STL 8 cab. 


Sadly, Genz Benz no longer exist as a company. They were bought by Fender a few years ago but have no plans to produce anymore Genz equipment.

It's an incredible shame IMO, I regard their amps as some of the best out there - especially the Streamliner Amps. Solidly built, great components, amazing sound a sweetness without any harsh mids or highs. Smooth, lightly coloured tube sound. The combination with the excellent Bergantino HT-112 cab makes for clarity with warmth. Yes, the tone is 'in the hands' but it's a whole lot easier with good gear! :)  


I also have a very useful Hartke Kickback 12. With a 12" cone that gives out more than it's 120 watt rating. The drawback is the lack of a tweeter. In certain scenarios it doesn't cut through, but is great for monitoring purposes for medium to larger sized gigs with a PA. 





I am currently playing a Peavey Grind 6 string and a Crafter Fretless. Both are excellent basses that sound way above their price range. 

I am in negotiations with a great UK Luthier (guess who?)

to build my dream bass -

An amalgamation of the two basses I currently play -

Making it a 6 String Fretless Acoustic Contrabass in recognition and gratitude to Anthony Jackson's invention of the 6 String Electric Bass.

I will be proud to champion this bass once completed (and paid for :)

Look out for a photographic documentary on the progress of the build.


Following the 2015 London Bass Guitar Show, I have obtained one their very fine basses. The combination of build quality, tonal woods and incredible Glockenlang preamp, make for a tonally diverse & incredibly playable bass! Superb clarity throughout the range, which I could not say of the Peavey Grind. Two great companies I am more than happy to endorse! 


I had one effect that I occasionally used - an EHX Q Tron Filter.

I also had a Boss Volume pedal until it was 'misplaced'...I'll get another one eventually, because they're rather good.

​Speaking of Boss...I have just been given an artist deal with Roland UK!


So I now have an OC-3 Octaver, PH-3 Phaser TU-3 Tuner and an old skool CE-2 Chorus! Amazing analogue pedal from the 80's that has just 2 dials but works incredibly well!


I'm after a good compact looper and a more advanced Envelope Filter, liking the look of the Pog upper octever.


Some of you will get the irony of the tuner! :)​

Maybe I should get a pedal board too..

Now about that volume pedal..​


I have been using Nickel and Nylon Tapewounds for the last 4 years.

I am FINALLY very pleased to say these strings are D'Addario!      

(Thanks Joel Stanley for making this happen!)


The D'Addario Nylon Tapewounds are made to super fine finish which attain an ultra smooth feel under the fingers giving a great fretless 'mwah' and a thick palm muted tone on my Crafter Fretless Acoustic. 


On my Peavey Grind I find great string to string consistency, nickel being kinder to frets, a slightly more mellow tone that I prefer to super bright steel, great sustain and once again just work for me.

I should note that the CXE6 has come with D'Addario steel strings, which for me was on the bright side combined with the heavy maple content of the bass. As the strings has mellowed, I've found the tone a lot more manageable and more suited to my needs. I will experiment with both Nickel and Steel strings on the CXE6. 


This also includes Planet Waves cables, which are rapidly becoming my main signal path, earplugs, string cleaner, clip on tuners, Rico Reeds and Evans drum heads?? A great company to be associated with, great staff and importantly great gear! 

To carry my Basses around in comfort and safety, I will be using a very well known brand...(actually be announced next spring! :)


I would like to add to any aspiring musician that it is important to have RELIABLE gear! That doesn't always mean the most expensive, but to have as high quality signal chain as possible.


The gear I have mentioned is a mixture of good value for money and high end equipment.


As funds allow, components will be upgraded. 


© #LEK Photography

© Andrew Taylor-Cummings

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