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Welcome to my first blog!

I had a think about what to say, I didn't just want to talk about what I had for breakfast.


So my first topic is about expecting the unexpected. My example happend

on Thursday....​

I had a gig with Mike...not Mike Stern, Mike Sole. A very talented young pianist from Leicester. Along with Joe Manger on drums, we played at the relaunched Coventry Jazz Festival.

We had organised a set - which was going well;then it happened....

Mike: What shalll we play now?

Joe: How about something in 7/4?

Now, I'm familiar with 7/4 and 7/8, maybe not like Kai Eckhardt but I've played in this challenging time signature before. The whole point of

this blog is this: 

I had practiced the time signature earlier in the day, while working on some timing excercises. It stood me in good stead. It wasn't perfect throughout, but it turned out well. 

The moral of the story? Timing as a bassist is EVERYTHING!

Life will sometimes throw a curveball...helps to have a baseball mit!

Here's a clip from the gig. Look out for the Mike Sole Trio Bandcamp

page coming soon! 

Expecting the Unexpected

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© #LEK Photography

© #LEK Photography

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