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April 24th  New Photos ​​

A few snaps from my recent travels on the road.

Kindly make your way to the gallery and also my Flikr account for all of the pics!



April 18th   What's the latest?

Hey guys and girls, thanks for love regarding the launch  of the site.

So what's happened since the launch? 

Well today I became a Roland Endorsee!

Look out for merchandise test videos! 

April 1st Funk'n'Soul

Funk'n'Soul helped make another couple's day at a wedding in Kenilworth last night. As a bonus, the Hotel will now recommend us for future events!


March 29th Lament no more??

The Latin Fusion group I am a part of called Lament are changing the band name to 'Sonrisa'. We had actually lost work due to confusion with our name and the genre we play. So it was decided to have a latin sounding name from April 1st. 'Sonrisa' means 'smile' That has always been part of the band's remit - to make our audiences sumile! :)

March 25th Look out for... 


Hey guys, I'm going to put up some videos of me playing along to some of my favourite jams and tunes that had a profound influence on my playing.

PLUS transcriptions of solos and some free tutorial videos covering technique and how I approach songs.  

March 20th 2013 Mailing List

Want to keep up to date with the latest events occurring with Wayne Matthews Music? Then join my mailing list and receive a free preview to a Mike Sole Quintet video recording Live at the Yardbird in Birmingham. Most of it will go up eventually, but not for a while yet, so jump the queue!

April 26th What's in the box?

Today I took delivery from my new friends at Roland UK.

Click on pic or the gallery to find out what arrived and

look out for an upcoming video demoing the merchandise!  

c Wayne Matthews Music 

May 13th   What's New? 

Hey everybody, how was your weekend? Mine was pretty cool!

​I had a reunion with a friend of mine you may have seen on 'The Voice'. If you're a follower on Twitter you'll know who! :) She's responsible for us having a video with over 80k views!

Well, here we are at Sensible Studios North London, with producer Jake Warren. 

The very studio owned by the late great Amy Winehouse and now ran by her foundation working on an upcoming project. 

Click on the picture oppsite to see what went down in the studio!

May 19th  Spotted!

Hey folks just wanted to post a link to a review of the

Overwater Bassday that featured some top playing and

catching up with old friends I hadn't seen since college! 

You may spot a certain someone with Dave Swift...

Here's the link:

May 28th 2013 Blah blah blog!

Usually a man of few words...turns out I've got a few things to say!

Yes, I now have a blog! It'll normally be bass orientated but will also cover a few general topics from time to time. Plus there are retrograde blogs linking to previous news articles.

Click below for the link! 

Practice, PRACTICE!

June 25th

As Musicians we all have our heroes whom we admire, respect and aspire to emulate...

Video Shoot​​​

June 5th

Frontere Production Presents: A Place Called Home Feat. Mackson.......

Hey guys, it's been a hot minute since my last blog but I've been busy over the summer! Some interesting gigs, meeting some fantastic musicians and a few festivals to talk about.So over the next few weeks I will be blogging furiously and will finally put up a tutorial video! Click below to get reacquainted!

Return of the Bass

September 20th

Another day, another blog. Part 2 of my series on the Coventry Music Scene. Also highlighting the disgraceful 'Reality Series' about to blight the airwaves also named 'Sent To Coventry'

Sent to Coventry

October 11th 2013

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