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Ed Taylor​      -

David Benjamin

Wendy Auld             -

​Iza Korsak    -



Both of these fine studios otheer first rate recording equipment, great producer's ears, great song writing teams and also other superb live P.A. systems from small acoustic vocals to Festival size.

Links to current & past projects, a few music artists and companies that I dig and also the photographers whose fantastic work have helped make this website possible.

Shout outs to Janek Gwizdala, Scott Devine and Gary Willis whose playing and web savvy have inspired my own foray into the land of the web.

I'd better not start on musical influences as that would be another website in itself!

Thinking about might make reasonable viewing as a series of videos? What do you think?

Perhaps a collage of influential album covers...

Kerry Francis Photography

©  Richard Pearce

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