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Heroes Past and Present ​and the Incredible Journey

What price?

I used be a huge WWE fan (or WWF as it was back in the day) 
There was a character in the 80's called 'The Million Dollar Man' (pictured left) whose catch phrase was 'Everybody's Got a Price' he would use his 'vast wealth' to bribe other wrestlers to do his dirty work for him only to be unsurped by the hero of the day, usually Hulk Hogan. 

My question to you is what price are you willing to pay to reach your goals? 

I have a humbling example that occurred in Manchester. 

I went to see Tribal Tech in Manchester at The Band on the Wall - only their 3rd ever gig in the UK and was a great opportunity to see the great Gary Willis up close in a gig. Needless to say they were incredible, some serious grooves with their signature sound scapes provided by Scott Hendersons' overdriven blues inflected guitar and Scott Kinseys' synth array driven by a thunderous drummer in Kirk Covington.  

I had a nice chat with Gary as I'd had a lesson off him in Barcalona. Even though I've been playing long enough to asses and tailor my own playing, it was well worth my time sitting and learning from Gary. Truly one of the worlds' best! He also kindly gave me a copy of his latest solo album "Retro" which is well worth checking out. 


I returned to my hostel post gig where the crux of my blog begins. I met a young Finnish woman, who had CYCLED over 1500 miles from her homeland to Manchester in order to find work in the UK. ANY job. It made me question my own work ethic as to whether I was really doing all I can to make myself a better musician and chase my dream. 

So again I ask you - what price are you willing to pay to reach your goals and are you REALLY doing ALL you can to to get there. I'm not talking about stepping on people and having no integrity by the way.  


I know I can do more, how about you?


Look out for a picture gallery of the Tribal Tech gig HERE 

Check out Gary's website HERE


What Price? 

My privilege to be photographed with Fusion bass legend Gary Willis at the Tribal Taech gig at The Band on the Wall in Manchester


WWE Hall of Famer 'Million Dollar Man' Ted DiBiase

© Wayne Matthews Music

Check out the video clip from the very same gig.

Amazing musicianship and synergy between the guys!



© Wayne Matthews Music

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