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"Anthony seemed to be the musical core of the band and formed a formidable rhythmic unit alongside Wayne and Mahendra."

"I liked Wayne’s bass playing, fluid and propulsive his low register purrs and growls sometimes reminded me of Baghiti Khumalo on Paul Simon’s classic “Graceland” album, thereby throwing yet another ingredient into tonight’s global mix."

"Overall Sonrisa impressed with their well structured set, sense of fun, witty lyrics and wide ranging approach to Latin music and its close musical relatives. They’d be better suited to more of a party environment but spurred on by the goodwill of the audience they delivered a highly successful show here."

Sonrisa Live

  1. @Warwick Arts Centre 2014


We had the pleasure of sharing the stage with World Fusion band 'Interplay' lead by bassist Adrian Litvinoff. They had also invited a keen jazz enthusiast to come and review the gig, extracts of which can be found below. A link to the the full review can be found at the bottom of the page.


As with all reviews I agreed and liked a lot of what 'Jazz Mann' had to say but not all. Particularly his criticism of Liz our trumpeter. Some of her lines particularly in the ballads were very lyrical. Anyway read the whole review for yourself and there will be a few audio clips so look out for that. 

"Their self written songs offered moments of genuine lyrical insight among the party sentiments and were confidently delivered by Kath who impressed with both her vocal and instrumental skills."

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