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Video Shoot with Frontere Productions Feat. Mackson​


Had a great day shooting this video for Blemish Records near the Custard Factory in Birmingham. All I'm gonna say is..look out for Mackson! 

The following people made this happen:

Sidney Justin Kabul - Sound Engineer/Arranger/CEO Frontere Productions                   

Curio - Spoken Word
​Mackson - Main Vocals

Georgina Stalbow - BV's

Chris Draper - Drums

Sara Gale - Cello

Luke Mowbray - Cello

Rob Connor - Ac. Guitar

​Andrew Mawson - Sound Engineer

Rebecca Frances - Makeup

Ioweoscar - Video

Jermaine Pinnock - Video

Lee Muldoon - Video

Toffee - Owner of the Venue

Christianne Cole - Assistance

David Benjamin - Photography

(Just in case you you're wondering..that's me on the acoustic bass! :)

Click on the video below to see how it turned out: 

A Place Called Home

© Wayne Matthews Music

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