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Mario Bakuna Trio Live @ Charlie Wrights


The Mario Bakuna Trio had a special guest in trumpeter Jay Phelps. It was great to have him on board.

There were times leading up to the gig where I wondered if the travelling and amount of time put in was going to be worthwhile. Fortunately, it was a resounding yes! There are certain musical environments that push and stretch you, forcing you to play at your very  best and sometimes find the almost mystical %2-3 that is inspired.

It felt like that for me on this night.


Click here for a link to a professional gallery by Michael Spafford: 








The Mario Bakuna Trio with Special Guest Jay Phelps (Trumpet) Rafael Lopes (Alto Sax), Mario Bakuna (Guitar/vocals/vocalize trumpet) and me on the left.


We were  the support act for the Big Chief  Big Band that delivered high octane soul/funk and a touch  of jazz with both instrumental numbers and guest vocalists.


Here's a snippet of Mario in action scat soloing over a samba version of John Coltrane's 'Impressions' which in turn was originally an uptempo reworking of 'So What' by Mile Davies..or was it Bill Evans? :)

Then there's a bass solo.


The rest of the set will be posted on Bandcamp and few more snippets on Souncloud so look out for it.


© Wayne Matthews Music

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