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London Bass Show 2014: Anaconda Bass Stand


This year's  London Bass Show saw a few  firsts for me. My first official play for a company at the show, my first play of a highly coveted Fodera Anthony Jackson Presentation Bass (thanks to Dave Swift for loaning his bass to the Fodera stand), my first official string endorsement (more on that another time) and my first participation in the after-show jam.


I have to thank Anaconda Basses CEO Andrew Taylor Cummings who asked me to play on his stand. The fledgling company is barely a year old yet have quickly risen to be a major force in the UK bass market and has had high praise from key personnel from Fodera.


I played a 2 week old Anaconda Crusher CEX6F (Fretless). The specs can be found here. The bass feels great to play, nice balance, medium weight and has great tonal variety with two stacked pickups that can be split or dual coil.


I shared the stand with some fabulous  bassists like my bro Reed Bass, Mike Flynn, Nathan Omerigie and Francesco Milazzo.


Here's a link to my full photo gallery taken by Andrew Taylor Cummings, Joseph Stanley and myself:


Unfortunately the video footage seems to be lost in cyberspace, but will be posted once it's retrieved! Plus I will be visiting the Anaconda workshop to try the basses out in a more serene environment, so look out for a report on that.


This bass is certainly on the wishlist, and I can't recommend them highly enough, get them while they are still at a bargain price!








© Andrew Taylor-Cummings

Most of the Anaconda players from the 1st day of the London Bass Show.

L-R: CEO and Founder Andrew Taylor Cummings, Nathan Omerigie, Mighty Mike Flynn, Me and  Reed Bass

Photo courtesy of Joseph  Stanley



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