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Brand New Trio! 


Introducing Master Tabla Player Juggy Rihal and Incredible Flamenco Guitarist David Shepherd.


Juggy and I went to school together although 2 years apart and this rehearsal was the first time we had seen each other some 10 (cough) 20 years ago. 


David Shepherd and I had crossed paths some 7 years ago on the local circuit with our love for Latin/Spanish World music with his Street/Shepherd Band and my band Lament - now known as Sonrisa. 


We had talked about collaborting and we tried it...some 4-5 years ago along our colleague and guitar playing hurricane Si Hayden and David's Father - Tony. We had a great session and planned to take it further, yet it didn't happen for one reason or another.  There is a saying 'Nothing before it's time' so here is another project to get cooking with. 


Both have international reputations in their musical fields and are great to work with on a personal level too, so it's a real privelege to work with these guys and we all agreed that we will push each other to greater creative heights.


So the question is: What should we call this collective? It won't always be a trio, we will also have a cajon player in Randeepe Dehele, maybe even guest vocalists. I'll open it out as a competition, the winning name will get a copy of our next studio session signed by all involved and 2 tickets to our first ticketed gig next year. Howzat!


Check oout the two videos below and see these incredible musicians in action and don't forget to leave a comment!


Finally, here's a link to a forthcoming concert hosted by both Juggy And David:

Flamenco genius David Shepherd with his Father Tony Shepherd on the Cajon at the 2009 Warwick Folk Festival.

A very short clip of Master Tabla player Juggy Rihal. 

Check out a brief soundclip from our first meeting. It's just a taster to give insight into the possibilities of this trio.  The recording is from an mp3 recorder placed in the middle of the room, so not quite Abbey Road! :)


Please visit David's website here:

Please vist Juggy's website here:

©IMurli Manhor

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